ZAM steel coil

The Zinc Aluminum-Magnesium coated steel is a new product in the global steel trading industry. It is a result of various extensive steel manufacturing researches done to enable steelmakers to produce coated steel that is better than galvanized steel. 

This type of coated steel is a highly improved version of a corrosion-resistant steel plate which is made mostly of zinc (Zn), combined with a set amount of aluminum (Al) and magnesium (Mg). ZAM coated steels are widely used in different types of construction and can be formed in any kind of steel parts or shape.

Product NameZinc Aluminum-Magnesium Coated Steel
LengthAs per customer's requirement
Base metalCRC/HRC
Aluzinc coating30-150g/m2
CertificationsISO 9001/ISO 14001/SGS/SONCAP
Weight of Each PackageAbout 3-5mt
Guard filmPVC
Surface treatmentchromate/skin-pass/oiled/slight-oiled/dry
PackingExport seaworthy package or as per customer's requirement
Applications road construction,farming projects,railroad and housing structures,electric power equipment 

Product Description

The zinc-aluminum-magnesium coated steel sheet is a new type of steel material, which can be mass-produced by the existing hot-dip galvanizing process. The zinc-aluminum-magnesium coated steel plate has good corrosion resistance and self-healing properties of the film, and can adapt to various harsh environments. 

Coating Types:11%Al-3%Mg-Si-Ni-rare earth

Corrosion resistance test of galvanized aluminum magnesium products


· The corrosion resistance of galvanized aluminum magnesium products is obviously better than that of other coating products

· Galvanized Aluminum Magnesium Products for Longer Durability

· Galvanized aluminum-magnesium products can prolong the service time in extremely harsh environments and reduce secondary cost

Appliciation Field

Zinc-aluminum-magnesium products are widely used, mainly used in civil construction (keel ceiling, perforated board, cable bridge), agricultural and livestock production (agricultural feeding greenhouse steel structure, steel structure accessories, greenhouse, feeding equipment), railway road, power communication (transportation Power distribution high and low voltage switchgear, box-type substation outer body), photovoltaic brackets, automotive motors, industrial refrigeration (cooling towers, large outdoor industrial air conditioners) and other industries, the application field is very wide.




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